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2020 Primary Victories!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Women for the Future Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that ALL nine candidates WTF endorsed for the Spring 2020 Primary won their primary. While the Allegheny County Democratic Committee (ACDC) continues to rebuff the candidacy of strong progressive women in Southwestern Pennsylvania, WTF continues to step up to support these bold and thoughtful candidates.

WTF endorsed candidates via Zoom phone conference and donated $12,500 dollars to these candidates in their races. This brings the total amount of contributions by WTF to progressive women candidates in Western Pennsylvania to $62,500 dollars since our start in October of 2017. WTF’s Spring 2020 Primary’s success mirrors its success in the Spring 2019 primary, when all fourteen of its endorsed candidates won their primary.

These women all embody WTF’s goal of electing bold and thoughtful women to bring gender parity and representation to Western Pennsylvania’s government and disrupt the political status quo. In any given year, running for office is hard. This year we especially applaud our candidates, who have sacrificed so much to run powerful and profound campaigns. WTF looks forward to supporting these candidates and more in the Fall General Election.

Endorsed Candidates:

Pennsylvania perennially ranks among the very worst states when measured by the percentage of women in office. The state has never had a female Senator or Governor, and lags in female political representation on the state and local levels, particularly in Western Pennsylvania. WTF was founded to change that; we are creating a new class of engaged political donors, and giving meaningful contributions to candidates' campaigns, early. Studies show that legislators who are women are more likely to reach across the aisle and to move bills forward. Women are more likely to implement policy that particularly helps women, such as paid family leave and poverty alleviation measures, which are important at a time when the majority of households in poverty are headed by single mothers.

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