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Our Endorsements

2021 Primary Election Endorsed Candidates

Women for The Future Pittsburgh is proud to announce our endorsement of the following candidates for our Spring 2021 cycle! These 9 candidates embody WTF’s goal of electing bold, talented women who bring gender parity to the representation of Western Pennsylvania’s government.  


We are continually inspired by our candidates, but find ourselves particularly inspired this year and stand ready to help them. 

We'll be donating to these races but we can't do it without your help. Donate to WTF today to amplify your political impact and ensure an equitable future for all. We'll continue to send out updates and opportunities to get involved through Election Day, Tuesday May 18th! 

Barron_WTF Endorsement-21.png
Cameron_WTF Endorsement-21.png
Fisher_WTF Endorsement-2021 (Large).png
Hancock_WTF Endorsement-21.png
NaccaratiChapkis_WTF Endorsement-21 (Lar
Nesby_WTF Endorsement-21.png
Prizio_WTF Endorsement-21.png
Schroeder_WTF Endorsement-21.png
Strassburger_WTF Endorsement-21.png

Join Us

Donate now to support these progressive women as they fight to make the political landscape of Western Pennsylvania more equitable and effective.

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