As women who have run for office and held office in Western Pennsylvania, we know all about the barriers facing women who decide to run and lead.  Studies show that women run to get things done, not just to be someone. And yet, so often, women who throw their hat in the ring are punished for thwarting business as usual. They are shut off from crucial financial support. We hear lots of people say they support women, but too often the action doesn’t match the rhetoric.

Gender inequity has a tangible impact on our lives. For example: 77 percent of families living in poverty in Pittsburgh are headed by single mothers, 60% of minimum wage earners in Pennsylvania are women, and Allegheny County has the highest number of domestic-violence fatalities than any other Pennsylvania County. We need bold leadership more than ever.

We aim to disrupt the status quo, win elections, and develop a pipeline of women for higher office by providing early endorsements, donations, and guidance to progressive women candidates in Western Pennsylvania.

We sincerely hope you will join us!  

The saying goes, “if women aren’t at the table, they’re on the menu.” Women offer desperately needed perspective in government, but as of 2018, Pennsylvania still ranked 49th out of 50 states for gender parity in elected office. Of the 28 legislators representing Allegheny County in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, only 1 is a woman. Pennsylvania has never elected a woman to the U.S. Senate or Governor’s Office, and does not have a single female in its 18 Congressional districts. What? You seem to be thinking what we are thinking.

WTF Pittsburgh launched in December 2017 at a legendary party at Sonja Finn's innovative restaurant, Dinette, and the Ace Hotel.

Our Mission

Women for The Future (WTF) provides financial support and guidance for progressive female candidates who are committed to disrupting the crippling political inertia in Western Pennsylvania and improving the quality of life for all in our region through bold and thoughtful leadership. WTF is committed to fostering a pipeline of women for higher office and gender parity in all levels of government.


Our Vision

In the past three years we have seen and supported her-storic victories at the local and state levels. With your support we will continue that life-changing trend toward greater gender parity at all levels of Pennsylvania government.

We Need Your Support Today!

WTF Pittsburgh

Please stay in touch with us to find out about ways to support our candidates and empower women across Western Pennsylvania!

Email: womenforthefuturepgh.com

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